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          Shanghai Qiangni TransmiSsion Equipment Co.,Ltd is a prof-essionalcompany pecialized in researching and selling red- ucer and transmission, the main products are JR ries, JEseries and G series helical gear reducer, JS series helical- worm gear reducer, JK series helical-bevel gear reducer such10 series, totally over 1O000 transmission ratios. The company can provide special and professional design for consumers,the products are modularizatJon, which are widely used for tr- ansmission and drive domain of every industry.The company insisted the operating tenet of "Gain customers
        with quality, gain the market with service", in order to improve the technical equipment and the technological level of enter- prise, it introduced advanced gear process and testing equi-pment from Swiss and German to make the manufacturing
    technology and the equipments reach advanced level in nation.It has passed ISO 9001 international quality system authenti- cation, the products are distributed to whole nation and expo-rted to Japan, East European, Southeast Asia and such nati- on & areas.
        The head quarter is Shanghai. It sets up operation office in Beijing, Hangzhou, Shenyang, Wuhan, Wuxi, Xl'an and JiNan to provide time and excellent ervice for vast consumers.


      All rights reserved: Shanghai strong Nepal transmission equipment limited company  
      Tel:021-63534123 62663335 62667727 Fax:021-63808781  
      Company address: The Shanghai Haining road 1,399 makes 915 Zip code :200070  
      E-mail: manager@qiangni.com mailto:sales@qiangni.com  
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